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Below is a table containing many of the standard features found in EDF LaborWorks™. Custom features (anything not found in the demo) can be programmed for an additional fee.
  A feature-rich business solution.


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  • Time Keeping
  • Project Management
  • Estimating
  • Invoicing
  • Accounting
  • Employee Training
  • Asset Management
  • Human Resources
  • Payroll
  • Resumes
  • Quality Assurance
  • Employee/Customer Interfaces
Employee Administration Click to Enlarge
  • Supervisor approval system for employee leave time/paid time off requests
  • Securely manage all employee personal and payroll information
  • Employees can charge time to specific projects/budgets to which they're assigned
  • Employees can submit project/budget assignment requests for Administrator approval
Forms and Resources Click to Enlarge
  • Employee forums integrated for discussing work-related issues (can be deactivated if desired)
  • The General Information/Employee Training section features guides, company procedures and standards
  • The Message of the Day feature allows administrators to communicate announcements that all users see upon logging in
  • Human Resources forms are archived and readily accessible
Free Support Click to Enlarge
  • A comprehensive Knowledgebase/FAQs provides support for common inquiries
  • Online support ticket system with a one (1) business day response time**
  • Phone Support during common business hours

* All packages come with a free 60-day support period. Unlimited free support thereafter only applies to accounts with 100+ user accounts or 2-year contracts with 50+ user accounts.
** Response times are an estimate, not a guarantee.

Web Access Click to Enlarge
  • Your users and customers can log in securely from your website, if you so choose
  • All systems hosted on our secure servers, with advanced data encryption, cookie support, and SSL certificates
  • Accessible from anywhere computer that has internet access, worldwide
  • Microsoft Access Databases can be downloaded for backup or editing to any computer
  • Common software-mimicking graphical user interface for easy access and navigation
Software Compatibility
  • Compatible data exchange with related tools, to import and export data
  • Utilizes a Microsoft Access Database for maximum desktop compatibility and ease of backup
  • DCAA Compliant Cost Accounting Software
  • All reports can be exported to excel, emailed or printed
Asset Management Click to Enlarge
  • The Asset Management system provides full accountability of company assets
  • Track physical location and current users for assets/office equipment
  • Custom equipment categories can be created (i.e. computers, monitors, tools, company vehicles, etc.)
  • View total approximate value of company assets with devaluation calculated
Budget Management Click to Enlarge
  • Create/modify/retire work orders for easy job management
  • Assign budgets to specific work orders and tasks
  • Add/remove employees from work orders (only assigned employees can charge to the work order)
  • Customized work order reports
  • Employees can update job status, which is viewable by the customer (if you so choose)
  • Upload files related to a specific job so that others assigned to that job have viewable access
  • Approve/Edit/Print/Send Invoices
  • Approve/Edit/Print/Send Time and Material reports
  • Approved estimates create work orders and are viewable by all assigned employees
  • User Home page visibility of assigned jobs and associated remaining budgets
Secure Payroll  
  • LaborWorks™ acts as a comprehensive payroll processing system
  • Employees can view current paycheck, tax information, paid time off, and more
  • Produce printable payroll reports
  • Data encryption, cookie support, and SSL certificates safeguard your company and employees
  • Add job openings and display them on your website
  • Store and review potential employee resumés
Customization Click to Enlarge
  • Employee Welcome Page features an overview of the message of the day, assigned jobs, expected absenses, labor-at-a-glance, and recent forum posts
  • LaborWorks™ features your company's logo on the web application itself and all documents (i.e. reports, invoices, etc.)
  • Administrators (i.e. Supervisors) can select a color scheme at any time to customize the look of all users' interfaces
  • Custom web URL for accessing your company's labor system
  • Custom features and scripts can be created at your request for an additional fee (i.e. customized report generation pages)
Customer Management Click to Enlarge
  • Integrated customer phonebook, viewable by your users
  • Add/remove customers for tracking budgets
  • Printable customer work order reports
  • Customers can view job files and task status updates for their specific jobs
  • Send customers time and material reports and invoices
  • Customers can log into their own Customer Portal to view job information and more
  • Customized reporting such as G702 and G703 forms
  • Firewall protection: the entire LaborWorks™ application, including your company's data, rests securely behind firewalls and is monitored 24 hours per day by data center security specialists
  • Your admins can view security and activity logs
  • Cookies, encryption, and SSL certificates prevent unauthorized access
  • System hosting included in monthly fee. No need to purchase or lease your own web servers
  • Secure usernames, passwords, and user classes determine appropriate access to sensitive information